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Dr. & Mrs. A.J. Hamilton
Dr. & Mrs. A.J. Hamilton

Dr. A. J. Hamilton died at his home in Rison on October 31, 1938. He was 74 years of age. He had been in the practice of medicine for more than 50 years, 25 of which were in Rison. He was a graduate in 1899 of the Arkansas Industrial University Medical Department. He was born in Grant County near Sheridan on February 19, 1864. Dr. Hamilton had an avid interest in civic and local affairs. He had served as health officer for Cleveland County and the City of Rison for a number of years. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery.
Most of these physicians were dedicated to the practice of medicine and were influential in the advancement and the development of the community of Rison. They rendered long and faithful service for many years.

Rison Newspapers

Prior to Rison's development there were several newspapers located at Kingsland and Toledo. Some of those at Toledo either ceased publication or moved to Rison. Some published at both places until Rison became a dominate trade center.
George G. Tisdalein 1889 published the Rison Alliance Advocate. Other papers in Rison around 1900 were the Rison Bazoo published by C. A. Little and the Dewey Weekly published by Bishop P. Stone. One paper of particular interest was the Rising Star, a weekly paper exclusively for the Black population of the area. It was printed in the office of the Cleveland County Herald. The editor was Catherine Stanfield. Sue McMurtrey was associate editor. The Rising Star was a small tabloid of four pages which contained national news together with local news of interest to the residents of Cleveland County and Rison.
By far the most venerable and influential paper ar Rison has been the Cleveland County Herald. It was established in 1888 by Nat R. Tisdale. Jeff Stone purchased it from Tisdale and published it until his health began to fail. In 1893 it became the property of Sallie Irene Robinson who married W. J. Stanfield, a Rison Lawyer. He was the son of Dr. C.A. Stanfield. They published the paper until 1906 when Mr. Stanfield died.
J.M. Raines of Fordyce then purchased the paper from Mrs. Stanfield. J. M. Raines leased it to Mr. Morell for a short time, then to Mr. Scott Buswick, and, at a still later time, to Mr. G.D. Smith, Sr.
Mrs. Stanfield again acquired the paper in 1912 and in 1916 sold it to H.B. Dixon. Mr. Dixon was a victim of the influenza epidemic and died in 1918. A group of Rison businessmen purchased the paper from Mrs. Dixon. It was edited by Mrs. Ethel McLeod Summerow until her death
Guy Sadler in 1922. Alpheus Stanfield, Mrs. Stanfield's son, operated it for about a year when it was sold to Guy M. and Harold D. Sadler in 1923. Harold D. Sadler sold his interest in 1924 to Guy Sadler.
In 1926 Guy Sadler sold his interest to L. C. Ackerman. In 1929 Mr. Ackerman became the sole owner. In 1933 Guy Sadler purchased the paper from Mr. Ackerman. Since that time it has been operated by three generations of Sadlers: Guy, William "Bill" and Stan Sadler.
On Oct. 31, 2002, the paper was sold to Britt Talent, the current publisher. The Herald has been in continuous publication in Rison for more than 115 years.

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