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frame building. In 1906 they erected
another building of brick masonry at
the southwest Comer of Main and
First Street. At that time it was the
largest Store building in Rison. Tom
Rogers and his brother, Will, had the
only Sample room in Rison together
with a large live of dry goods, clothing
and groceries. They also operated a
restaurant. The Rogers Brothers Store
provided a good income for his owners
and their families. ln July of 1937 a deal
was closed to transfer ownership of the
Rogers building from the Bank of Rison
to Joe Beason.
When Rison first appeared an the U. S.
census in 1900 it had a Population of 453.
In the same year Tisdale Township, which
encompassed the corporate Limits of Rison,
had a Population of 846. By 1910 Rison
had grown to 725 people. From 1880
through 1920 Rison had gone through an
era of unprecedented growth as "a boom
town" resulting from the railroad and the
influx of large saw milling companies. By
1883 the railroad construction was complete.
By 1920 most of the big sawmills had "Cut
out and got out." However, Rison continued
to grow and had a Population of 1005 in 1940.
About This Publication.
This publication is a project of the
Cleveland (County Historical Society,
made possible through a gram from the
Arkansas Humanities Council. All
research, articles and photographs
used in this publication were compiled
by members of the Cleveland County
Historical Society:
Rufus T. Buie
Dr. Annette Rawls
Don Thurman

BANK OF RISON - This structure and several others in the
same city block were destroyed during a fire in the 1930s.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION - Local residents, like these from
Cabool, relied an the railroad for transportation between towns.

RISON SUPPLY CO. - This Business, typical of an early 1900's
dry good stores, featured clothing, shoes and more.

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