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(Moody-Reed House) built circa 1890's

(Moved to Pioneer Village) built circa 1890's

Circa 1917

(Truman-Farrar, Huselton House) built Circa 1890's

Rison Feels Earthquake in 1911
On March 31, 1911, at 10:57 a. m. an earthquake was feit at Rison. It is estimated by contemporary geologists that it registered 4.7 on the Richter Scale. The shock was feit throughout Louisiana and along the Mississippi River from Memphis to Vicksburg, an area roughly two hundred miles north and one hundred miles south..

This "big event" of March 31,1911, has gone down in the record books as the "Rison Earthquake," since the tremor seemed to have been more severe here, although a large section of the State was shaken.

No one was injured, but there was slight damage to buildings and contents. Dishes were shaken from pantry shelves and, merchandise in Stores feil from shelving during the quake.

The earthquake Struck shortly before noon on a clear, typical spring-like day, and lasted for only a few seconds.

School was dismissed the remainder of the day and most Risonians spent the afternoon on the streets in

the business section or in homes talking about what had just happened.

Many humorous stories have been told about the varied reactions of Risonians to their first earthquake experience and for a long time it was the chief topic of conversation.

The present Cleveland County Courthouse was under construction at the time of the tremor. Workmen were engaged in placing the steel structure on the walls for the roof and clock tower, and some of the men high up on the building thought the structure was collapsing.

Farmers plowing in fields saw newly plowed dirt quiver and those working in "new grounds" saw brush piles shake.

In some homes of the town the older members of the household remained up all the following night, fearing that there would be a recurrence of the tremors and probably more severe.

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