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Early Homes of Rison

In 1883 the Southwestern Improvement Association donated a plot of land for the City of Rison the plat of which was recorded in 1883. The association also advertised lots for sale in the area around Rison. Prior to the coming of the railroad, the countryside around Rison was sparsely settled with only a few houses scattered around.

parsonage in Rison. Reverend R. W. McKay was the first minister to reside there. The Conger house was erected by W. L. Conger and was known in later years as the Van McKinney House. The I. B. Williams house was erected about 1887 and was occupied for many years by his daughter, Miss Ruth

Williams. The Gus Jones house was built on the northeast comer of East Third and Sycamore Street. It was known for many years as the "Jones House" being occupied by the family of Dr. F.G.H. Jones and family who moved to the area in 1893. It is now known as the Corner Pawn Shop.

After the city began to grow many houses were built, mostly within a span of a few years.
The first house in Rison was built by J. M. McMurtrey. It was a frame structure that fronted the railroad track. Another early home was erected by Dr. John S. McMurtrey on the outskirts of Rison on a hill overlooking the town. W. E. Emerson and W. G. Sadler built the second house in Rison. Judge J. M. McCaskill erected a house at Third and Main Street. Another of the older houses is the Farrar house which was the first Methodist

CONGER HOME - Originally built by W.L. Conger, this house even-
tually became known by the name of its longtime occupants, the
Van McKinney House.

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